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Crumey, Andrew. Music, In a Foreign Language. St. Martin's/Picador 1996.

Crumey, Andrew. Music, In a Foreign Language
What if: Britain was occupied by Germany during World War II, and after the war voted in a Communist government.
Summary: Literary novel in which two friends are manipulated by the police for incriminating information about each other. Allohistorical content is fairly minimal.
Series note: Apparently related is Mobius Dick.
Published: Daedalus 1994 (1873982119); St. Martin's/Picador 1996 (0312146884BUY), 1997 (0312169469BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Danish by Inge-Lise Jespersgård as Musik på et fremmedsprog, Modtryk 1997 (8773944610).

Crumey, Andrew. Mobius Dick
Summary: Literary novel involving theoretical physicists, psychiatrists, mental patients, and others from different time periods in an exploration of quantum mechanics, wave states, false memory and more.
Series note: Although not a sequel to but apparently related to Music, In a Foreign Language.
Comments: Explicit alternate history content is minimal, with the most extensive bits revealed in the "afterword" and suggesting a recursive allohistorical novel.
Published: St. Martin's/Picador 2004 (0330419919BUY), 2005 (0330419927BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Spanish by Jordi Mundí Blanch as Mobius Dick, Elipsis 2006 (8493528005).