Crowley, John. "Great Work of Time"
Divergence: 1893 CE
What if: Cecil Rhodes died in 1893, and left his fortune to endow a secret society to preserve and extend the British Empire.
Summary: Among other tasks, the Otherhood must ensure that Rhodes dies before he can rethink his will.
Published: In Novelty, Doubleday/Foundation 1990 (0385261713, 0385263473); The Year's Best Science Fiction, Seventh Annual Collection (ed. Gardner Dozois), St. Martin's 1990 (0312044518, 0312044526), v.t. Best New SF 4, Robinson 1990 (1854870572); and Great Work of Time, Bantam/Spectra 1991 (0553293192).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Monique Lebailly as "La grande oeuvre du temps", in La grande oeuvre du temps, Rivages 1998 (2743603143).
Translation: Italian by Raffaela Ciampa as "Ingranaggi del tempo", in Stelle di neutroni (ed. Gardner Dozois), Mondadori 1992 (8804360429), v.t. Un'antologia a cura di Gardner Dozois, Mondadori 1995.
Awards: Winner: 1990 World Fantasy Award for best novella.