Bradbury, Ray. "A Sound of Thunder"
Divergence: c 70,000,000 BCE
Summary: Accidentally stepping on a butterfly while on a T. rex hunt has its repercussions.
Series note: Sequels are Stephen Leigh's Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur World series.
Comments: Classic science fiction about the effect of a minor incident changing history, but not really allohistorical since the only effect shown is not historical (e.g., it is likely in our future). Basis for the (bad) movie of the same name released in 2005.
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Original in: English.
Translation: French as "Un coup de tonnerre", in Les pommes d'or au soleil, Denoël 1953.
Translation: German by Margarete Bormann as "Ferner Donner", in Geh' nicht zu Fuß durch stille Straßen (ed. unknown), Marion von Schröder 1970, Heyne 1972, 1980 (3453301692). V.t, "Ein Donnerkrachen", in Die goldenen Äpfel der Sonne, Diogenes detebe 1970, 1981 (3257208642).
Translation: German by Andrea Kamphuis and Fredy Köpsell as "Ein Donnerschlag", in Sauriergeschichten (ed. unknown), Bastei-Lübbe 1985 (3404281365), 1993 (3404135385).
Translation: Italian by Roberta Rambelli as "Rumore di tuono", in Le auree mele del sole, La Tribuna 1964; and Delitti senza tempo (ed. Stefano Benvenuti), Mondadori 1978.
Translation: Italian by Laura Grimaldi as "Rumore di tuono", in 34 Racconti, Mondadori 1984 (8804253245); 33 Fantastiche vacanze (ed. Marzio Tosello), Mondadori 1989 (8804324538); and Il grande mondo laggiù. 34 Racconti, Mondadori 1997 (8804426535).
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Translation: Portuguese by Paula Reis as "O Som de Trovão", in As Maçãs Douradas do Sol, Caminho 1989 (9722104071).