Bear, Greg. "Through Road No Whither"
Divergence: c 1941 CE
Summary: Nazi officers in a world where Germany won World War II insult a gypsy woman when asking for directions, and she arranges for Germany's retroactive defeat.
Comments: Allohistorical content is minimal.
Published: In Far Frontiers (eds. Jerry Pournelle and Jim Baen), Baen 1985 (0671559354); Hitler Victorious (eds. Gregory Benford and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.; There Will Be War 8: Armageddon (eds. Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr), Tor 1989 (0812549651BUY); Tangents, Warner 1989 (0446514012); Bear's Fantasies, PSFS/Wildside Press 1992 (1880448173); The Way It Wasn't: Great Science Fiction Stories of Alternate History (ed. Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.; and The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century (eds. Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.
Original in: English.
Translation: Greek by Thanasis Vebos as "O Dromos gia to Pouthena", in An to Trito Raix (ed. Thanasis Vebos), q.v.
— Posted on-line at Alternative Factor, publ. unknown 1998.
Translation: Spanish by Domingo Santos as "Carretera sin destino", in Hitler Victorioso (eds. Gregory Benford and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.