Aldiss, Brian W. "A Tupolev Too Far"
Divergence: 1914 CE
What if: A massive explosion flattened Berlin in July 1914 and led to an international relief effort that averted World War I.
Summary: A British publisher traveling to Nicholas III's glorious imperial Russia somehow ends up in our Brezhnev's gray Moscow.
Published: In Other Edens III (eds. Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock), Unwin 1989; Bodily Functions, Avernus 1991 (187150306X); A Tupolev Too Far, HarperCollins UK 1993 (0002240335), St. Martin's 1994 (0312105657), and HarperCollins UK 1994 (0006476317); and Visions of Wonder: The Science Fiction Research Association Anthology (eds. David G. Hartwell and Milton T. Wolf), Tor 1996 (0312862445, 0312852878BUY).