Aldiss, Brian W. "Matrix" [vt "Danger: Religion!"]
Summary: In 2042, a theocratic timeline crosstime abducts people for advice on dealing with a slave revolt, but they develop other plans.
Published: In Science Fantasy, October 1962; The Unfriendly Future (ed. Tom Boardman, Jr.), Four Square 1965; The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths, Faber 1966, Gregg 1981 (839825668); The Inner Landscape (ed. Michael Moorcock), Allison & Busby 1969 (0850310059); and Neanderthal Planet, Avon 1969, 1981 (0380541971).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Claire Fargeot as "Danger: religion", in Etoile Double #15, Etoile 1985 (2207340155).
Translation: German by Barbara Heidkamp as "Vorsicht! Religion", in Hiroshima soll leben! Die schönsten Alternativwelt-Geschichten (ed. Karl Michael Armer), q.v.
Translation: Italian by Silvia Bonetti as "Pericolo: religione!", in L'albero della vita, Longanesi 1978.