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2014-11-11: Jeschke, Wolfgang. Das Cusanus Spiel

2014-10-30: Tsouras, Peter, and Spencer Jones (eds.). Over the Top: Alternate Histories of the First World War

2014-10-27: Cawkwell, Sarah. Heirs of the Demon King: Uprising

2014-10-27: Richmond, Caroline Tung. The Only Thing to Fear

Newly Entered but Not Yet Published

2014-11-01: Andersen, Laura. The Virgin's Daughter

2014-10-27: Anderson, Taylor. Destroyermen: Straits of Hell

2014-10-27: Novik, Naomi. League of Dragons

2014-10-27: Priest, Cherie. Jacaranda

2014-10-27: Turtledove, Harry. Bombs Away

2014-10-27: Turtledove, Harry. The Hot War

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