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2016-07-16: Turtledove, Harry. Fallout

2016-07-10: Brodski, Eneasz. "Red Legacy"

2016-07-10: Cline, Eric. "Elizabethtown"

2016-07-10: Crider, Bill. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

2016-07-10: Mayhew, Julie. The Big Lie

2016-07-10: Reasoner, James (ed.). Tales of the Otherverse: Stories of Alternate History

2016-07-10: Reasoner, James. "The Hero of Deadwood"

2016-07-01: Caine, Rachel. Paper and Fire

2016-07-01: Scott, John A. N

2016-07-01: Winters, Ben H. Underground Airlines

Newly Entered but Not Yet Published

2016-07-07: Benford, Gregory. The Berlin Project

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2016-07-10: Schumacher, Tony. The British Lion

2016-07-10: Turtledove, Harry. Joe Steele