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2018-10-09: Duncan, Rod. The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter

2018-10-09: Duncan, Rod. The Custodian of Marvels

2018-10-09: Duncan, Rod. Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire

2018-10-09: Duncan, Rod. The Outlaw and the Upstart King

2018-10-09: Duncan, Rod. The Queen of All Crows

2018-10-09: Duncan, Rod. Unseemly Science

2018-10-05: Gailey, Sarah. American Hippo: River of Teeth, Taste of Marrow and New Stories

2018-10-05: Gailey, Sarah. "Nine and a Half"

2018-10-05: Gailey, Sarah. River of Teeth

2018-10-05: Gailey, Sarah. Taste of Marrow

2018-10-05: Gailey, Sarah. "Worth Her Weight in Gold"

2018-10-01: Harris, Charlaine. An Easy Death

2018-10-01: Mackay, Malcolm. In the Cage Where Your Saviours Hide

2018-09-14: Tieryas, Peter. Mecha Samurai Empire

2018-09-14: Turtledove, Harry. Through Darkest Europe

2018-09-10: White, Steve. Her Majesty's American

2018-08-20: Kowal, Mary Robinette. The Fated Sky

2018-08-20: Wilber, Rick, and Alan Smale. "The Wandering Warriors"

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2018-10-03: Anderson, Taylor. Destroyermen: Pass of Fire

2018-10-03: McEwan, Ian. Machines Like Me

2018-10-01: Mackay, Malcolm. A Line of Forgotten Blood

2018-09-14: Stirling, S.M. Theater of Spies

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