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2015-04-06: Turner, T.J. Lincoln's Bodyguard: In A Heroic Act Of Bravery Saves Our Beloved President! John Wilkes Booth Killed In Act Of Treason

2015-04-04: Turtledove, Harry. Joe Steele

2015-03-23: Smale, Alan. Clash of Eagles

2015-03-10: Tregillis, Ian. The Mechanical

Newly Entered but Not Yet Published

2015-04-10: Bloch, René. "What if the Temple of Jerusalem Had not Been Destroyed by the Romans?"

2015-04-10: Bruce, Iris. "What If Franz Kafka Had Immigrated to Palestine?"

2015-04-10: Myers, David N. "What if Musa Alami and David Ben-Gurion Agreed on a Jewish-Arab State?"

2015-04-10: Penslar, Derek. "What If a Christian State Had Been Established in Palestine?"

2015-04-10: Rosenfeld, Gavriel D. (ed.). "If Only We Had Died In Egypt!" What ifs of Jewish History from Abraham to Zionism

2015-04-10: Rosenfeld, Gavriel D. "What If Adolf Hitler Had Been Assassinated in 1939?"

2015-04-10: Rovner, Adam L. "What If the "Uganda Plan" Had Succeeded?"

2015-04-10: Stein, Kenneth W. "What If the Arabs Had Been Willing to Compromise Before 1948?"

2015-04-10: Veidlinger, Jeffrey. "What if Russian Jewry Had Never Been Confined to the Pale of Jewish Settlement?"

2015-04-09: Smale, Alan. Eagle and Empire

2015-04-09: Smale, Alan. Eagle in Exile

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2015-04-03: Bear, Elizabeth. ad eternum