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Newly Entered or Newly Published

2017-01-15: Barrett, David V. "Introduction"

2017-01-14: Stross, Charles. Empire Games

2017-01-05: Campeis, Bertrand, and Karine Gobled. Le guide de l'uchronie

2017-01-02: Wilber, Rick. "At Palomar"

2017-01-02: Wilber, Rick. "Something Real"

2016-12-22: Black, Jeremy. Other Pasts, Different Presents, Alternative Futures

2016-12-19: Farneti, Mario. Il Fondatore

2016-12-18: Semel, Nava. Eesrael

2016-12-08: Wilson, Robert Charles. Last Year

2016-12-05: Tregillis, Ian. The Liberation

2016-11-21: Grant, Michael. Front Lines

2016-11-21: Grant, Michael. Soldier Girl

Newly Entered but Not Yet Published

2017-01-02: Schumacher, Tony. An Army of One

2016-12-19: Caine, Rachel. Ash and Quill

2016-12-19: Conroy, Robert, and J.R. Dunn. The Day After Gettysburg

2016-12-19: Mastai, Elan. All Our Wrong Todays

2016-12-05: Grant, Michael. Silver Stars

Updated Entries

2016-12-20: Schmitt, Éric-Emmanuel. La part de l'autre

2016-11-21: Van den Boom, Dirk. Kaiserkrieger: Die Ankunft