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Yulsman, Jerry. Elleander Morning: A Novel. St. Martin's/Marek 1984.

Yulsman, Jerry. Elleander Morning: A Novel
Divergence: 1913 CE
What if: Hitler died in 1913 while still a starving artist.
Summary: A woman is mystified by a strange book entitled the Time-Life History of World War II and by her grandmother's murder of an obscure Viennese artist.
Published: St. Martin's/Marek 1984 (0312243693BUY); SFBC 1984; Tor 1985 (0812590732BUY, 0812590740BUY); and Gollancz 2015 (1473211697BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: German by Biggy Winter as Elleander Morning, Heyne 1986 (3453313089).
Translation: Japanaese by Fusa Obi as [[title unknown]], [[publ. unknown]] 1987 (4167309114).
Translation: Swedish by Carla Wiberg as Elleander Morning, Richter 1984 (9177060075).