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Turtledove, Harry. In the Presence of Mine Enemies. NAL 2003.

Turtledove, Harry. In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Divergence: 1941 CE
What if: Isolationist America stayed out of World War II until it was attacked by Germany and Japan a generation after the fall of Britain and Russia.
Summary: A family of Jews hides in plain sight in 2010 Berlin, at the heart of a world dominated by Nazi Germany. Around them, the world begins to change as one Führer dies and the new opens the doors to political change.
Published: NAL 2003 (0451529022BUY), 2004 (0451459598BUY).
— Expanded from the short story of the same name, in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, January 1992; Departures, q.v.; and Isaac Asimov's Father's Day (ed. Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams), Ace 2001 (0441008747BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Italian by Fabio Grano as In presenza del nemico, Fanucci 2005.
Translation: Spanish by Jesus M. Abascal Perez as En presencia de mis enemigos, La Factoría de Ideas 2007 (8498002796).