Pohl, Frederick. "Target One"
Divergence: 1905 CE
Summary: Victims of a nuclear war decide to go back in time and kill Einstein.
Published: In Galaxy, April 1955; and Alternating Currents, Ballantine 1956 and Ballantine 1969.
Original in: English.
Translation: French as "L'abominable résurrection", in Galazie #21 (August 1955).
Translation: French by Alain Khim and Liliane Khim as "Cible numéro 1", in Marginal #11 (... 1976).
Translation: German by Lothar Heinecke as "Wurzel des Uebels", in Galaxis 4 (ed. Lothar Heinecke), Mö 1958; and SF-Stories 68 (ed. Walter Spiegl), Ullstein ... (3548033512).