Pohl, Frederik. "The Reunion at the Mile-High"
Divergence: 1939 CE
What if: Hearing about Einstein's letter to FDR, a biochemist wrote a similar letter proposing a crash study of biological warfare.
Summary: Fred Pohl attends the 50th anniversary meeting of The Futurians and listens to Isaac Asimov tell a reporter about the typhus bomb.
Published: In Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov (ed. Martin H. Greenberg), Tor 1989 (0312931743), 1990 (0812509803); and Inside the Funhouse: 17 SF Stories about SF (ed. Mike Resnick), Avon/AvoNova 1992 (0380766434).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Jacques Martinache as "Réunion au sommet du Mile-High", in Les fils de Fondations (ed. Martin H. Greenberg), Pocket date unknown.
Translation: Italian by Grazia Gatti and Tullio Dobner as "Al Mile-High", in Gli amici di Fondazione (ed. Martin H. Greenberg), Sperling & Kupfer 1990 (8820010879).