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Gáspár, András. Ezüst félhold Blues. Zrinyi Niomda Kiadója 1990.
Cover art
Gáspár, András. Ezüst félhold Blues. Tuan 2007.

Gáspár, András. Ezüst félhold Blues
Title trans.: Silver Crescent Blues
Divergence: 32 BCE
What if: An earthquake in the first century BCE opened a strait between Egypt and the Sinai, linking the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and precipitating centuries worth of minor changes in European and world history.
Summary: A man drops crosstime into a different 1980s, one in which the Industrial Revolution wasn't so rapid and in which the Western European powers of France and Greater Britain are preparing to finally drive the Ottomans out of the Balkans. Focus centers on a talisman found in the secret burial mound in Budapest of the Islamic mahdi who conquered southeast Europe in the late 1600s.
Published: Zrinyi Nyomda Kiadója 1990 (9630281902); Tuan 2007 (97896387271)
— Adapted in comic book form by Mihaly Vass and Ferenc Kiss in 1994.
Original in: Hungarian.