Cover art
Easterman, Daniel. K. HarperCollins UK 1998.
Cover art
Easterman, Daniel. K. Translated to the French, Pocket 2000.

Easterman, Daniel. K
Divergence: 1925 CE
What if: David Stephenson, Grand Dragon of Indiana, was not convicted of murder, and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan continued until they narrowly took national power in the 1932 elections, with Charles Lindbergh as a figurehead president. (Although this apparent divergence is 1925, the premise also requires a change to Article Two of the U.S. Constitution or an amendment to it.).
Summary: In October 1940, the USA is a Klan-dominated fascist state and on the verge of alliance with Nazi Germany. A British agent is sent to assassinate Vice President Stephenson, but instead someone else kills Lindbergh. As he unravels the mystery, the agent uncovers plans for an American Final Solution and a German-American atomic project.
Comments: The cover art of some editions of the book may suggest that the title is K is for Killing….
Published: HarperCollins UK 1997 (0002256037), 1998 (0006510019BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Alexis Champon as K, Belfond 1998 (2714436072), Pocket 2000 (2266096397).