Baxter, Stephen. The Time Ships
Divergence: 1917 CE
Summary: Sequel to H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, but with some explicit allohistorical content.
Published: HarperCollins UK 1995 (0002246090, 0006480128); HarperPrism 1996 (0061056480BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French as Les vaisseaux du temps, Laffont 1998 (2221084918).
Translation: German by Martin Gilbert as Zeitschiffe, Heyne 1995 (3453085558).
Translation: Italian by Alessandro Zabini as L'incognita tempo, Nord 1997 (8842909602).
Translation: Spanish by Pedro Jorge Romero as Las naves del tiempo, Ediciones B 1996 (8440667884).
Awards: Winner: 1996 BSFA Award for best novel. Winner: 1996 Philip K. Dick Award. Winner: 1996 John W. Campbell Memorial Award. Nominee: 1996 Arthur C. Clarke Award.