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Ackroyd, Peter. Milton in America

Adams, Robert, and Pamela Crippen Adams (eds.). Alternatives

Adams, Robert, Martin H. Greenberg, and Pamela Crippen Adams (eds.). Robert Adams' Book of Alternate Worlds

Adams, Robert. Of Quests and Kings

Aiken, Joan. Cold Shoulder Road

Aiken, Joan. Is [vt Is Underground]

Aiken, Joan. Limbo Lodge [vt Dangerous Games]

Aiken, Joan. The Stolen Lake

Aiken, Joan. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Aksyonov, Vasiliy. Остров Крым [Ostrov Krim]

Alcock, Vivien. Time Wreck [vt The Red-Eared Ghosts]

Aldiss, Brian W. The Year Before Yesterday [vt Cracken at Critical]

Alfredson, Hans. Attentatet i Pålsjö skog: en historia om några sabotörer och Sverige under andra världskriget av Holger Axel Andersson

Allston, Aaron. Doc Sidhe

Almasi, G.T. Blades of Winter

Ambrose, David. The Man Who Turned Into Himself

Amery, Carl. Das Königsprojekt: Roman

Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration

Anders, Lou (ed.). Sideways in Crime: An Alternate Mystery Anthology

Andersen, Laura. The Boleyn Deceit

Andersen, Laura. The Boleyn King

Andersen, Laura. The Virgin's Daughter

Anderson, Kevin J., and Doug Beason. The Trinity Paradox

Anderson, Kevin J. (ed.). War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches

Anderson, Poul. A Midsummer Tempest

Anderson, Poul. Operation Chaos

Anderson, Poul. The Shield of Time

Anderson, Poul. The Time Patrol

Anderson, Taylor. Blood in the Water

Anderson, Taylor. Crusade

Anderson, Taylor. Deadly Shores

Anderson, Taylor. Devil's Battle

Anderson, Taylor. Devil's Due

Anderson, Taylor. Distant Thunders

Anderson, Taylor. Into the Storm

Anderson, Taylor. Iron Gray Sea

Anderson, Taylor. Maelstrom

Anderson, Taylor. Rising Tides

Anderson, Taylor. Storm Surge

Anderson, Taylor. Straits of Hell

Andrade, Diogo de. Alvorada Desfeita

Anthony, Piers, and Roberto Fuentes. Dead Morn

Aragão, Octãvio. A Mão que Cria

Armer, Karl Michael (ed.). Hiroshima soll leben! Die schönsten Alternativwelt-Geschichten

Baradit, Jorge. SYNCO

Barbet, Pierre. Carthage sera détruite

Barbet, Pierre. L'Empire du Baphomet

Barnard, Robert. Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart

Barnes, John. Caesar's Bicycle

Barnes, John. Finity

Barnes, John. Patton's Spaceship

Barnes, Steven. Lion's Blood

Barnes, Steven. Zulu Heart

Barrett, David. Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl

Barton, Emily. The Book of Esther

Baudino, Gael. The Dove Looked In

Baudino, Gael. O Greenest Branch!

Baxter, Stephen. Anti-Ice

Baxter, Stephen. Bronze Summer

Baxter, Stephen. The H-Bomb Girl

Baxter, Stephen. Iron Winter

Baxter, Stephen. Stone Spring

Baxter, Stephen. Voyage

Bear, Elizabeth. ad eternum

Bear, Elizabeth. New Amsterdam

Bear, Elizabeth. Seven for a Secret

Bear, Greg. Dinosaur Summer

Bear, Greg. Eon

Benford, Gregory, and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). Hitler Victorious: Eleven Stories of the German Victory in World War II

Benford, Gregory, and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). What Might Have Been? Volume 1: Alternate Empires

Benford, Gregory, and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). What Might Have Been? Volume 2: Alternate Heroes

Benford, Gregory, and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). What Might Have Been? Volume 3: Alternate Wars

Benford, Gregory. The Berlin Project

Benford, Gregory. Rewrite: Loops in the Timescape

Benford, Gregory. Timescape

Benilov, Evgeni. 1985

Bernobich, Beth. Ars Memoriae

Bernobich, Beth. The Time Roads

Bernstrup, Gunnar, and Jörgen Westerhov. 40 "lyckliga" år

Berry, Stephen Ames. The Battle for Terra Two

Binet, Laurent. Civilizations

Birmingham, John. Designated Targets [vt Designated Targets: World War 2.2]

Birmingham, John. Final Impact [vt Final Impact: World War 2.3]

Birmingham, John. Weapons of Choice [vt Weapons of Choice: World War 2.1]

Bishop, Michael. The Secret Ascension; or, Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas [vt Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas]

Bisson, Terry. Any Day Now

Black, Jeremy. Other Pasts, Different Presents, Alternative Futures

Blackwood, Gary. The Year of the Hangman

Blanchard, B.L. The Peacekeeper: A Novel

Blom, Suzanne Allés. Inca: The Scarlet Fringe

Borden, Morton, and Otis L. Graham, Jr. Speculations on American History

Bova, Ben. Triumph

Bowes, Richard. Goblin Market

Boyd, John. The Last Starship from Earth

Boyett, Steven R. The Architect of Sleep

Brack, Duncan, and Iain Dale (eds.). Prime Minister Portillo… and other things that never happened: A Collection of Political Counterfactuals

Brack, Duncan (ed.). President Gore… and other things that never happened: A Second Collection of Political Counterfactuals

Brennert, Alan, and Norm Breyfogle. Batman: Holy Terror

Brin, David, and Scott Hampton. The Life Eaters

Brown, Christopher. Rule of Capture

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